ca88会员登录商务有限公司(简称“ca88会员登录商务”,英文简称“Sinochem Commerce”)成立于1997年,前身为❤ca88亚洲城手机版入口_ca88亚洲城会员登录【首选官网】,是中国ca88亚洲城手机版入口有限公司(简称“ca88亚洲城手机版入口”,2019年在世界500强企业中位列第88位)的全资子公司,隶属于ca88亚洲城手机版入口金融事业部。ca88会员登录商务总部设在北京,在国内设有近20家分公司以及分支机构。





Founded in 1997, Sinochem Commerce Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Commerce for short) was formerly known as Sinochem International Tendering Co., Ltd. Currently, Sinochem Commerce is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Group for short), and a member of Finance SBU, Sinochem Group. Sinochem Group has ranked 88th among the top 500 enterprises in the world in 2019.Headquartered in Beijing, Sinochem Commerce has established nearly 20 subsidiaries and branches across China.

Sinochem Commerce is one of the earliest domestic enterprises specializing in procurement and consulting services,with well-recognized market position and sound reputation.It has been awarded the title of "top ten leading brands of China bidding agency"for 11 consecutive years in the national bidding industry evaluation. Sinochem Commerce’s main clients include all-level government body, military, public institutions, central SOEs, large SOEs, large financial institutions, and aims at national major industries and construction projects ,such as national defense industry, military equipment, railway transport, petrochemical industry, civil aviation, municipal utilities, finance, culture and radio and television, etc. In these fields, Sinochem Commerce provides clients with procurement,consulting,international trade,pan-finance among other comprehensive business services.

Looking into the future,Sinochem Commerce,adhering to the value of "In Science We Trust"of Sinochem Group and relying on its diverse industry foundation and customer resources, Sinochem Commerce upholds new development idea, plays active role in construction of national modern economic system, and is firmly committed to high quality development. Sinochem Commerce vigorously implements the core strategy of "pursue comprehensive consulting service chain by means of specialization and regionalization to support integration of industry and finance", shoulders the mission of "create value for clients, cultivate talents for society ", and strives to achieve company's broad vision of "the most influential international consulting service enterprise".